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Let's get to know each other Everything you need to know

We say it's the next gen mobile line. With swyp you can build your own plan and shuffle it the way you want, whenever you want. But that's not all, with every mobile plan you get to choose free toppings based on your passion and get access to thousands of offers from awesome brands in the UAE! So in other words, it is not just a mobile line, it is your gadget to connect with friends, live your passion and enable a greater next generation. 
We'd like to be good friends with everyone, but to have the service you need to be at least 18 years old and not more than 29. If you cross 29 while you're swyp customer, you can still keep it!.


Easy! You need to get a SIM. Just present your Emirates ID, register and done!
Ofcourse, swyp mobile app is the best way to do so. Just download the mobile app, build your own plan and you are ready to go! The SIM will be delivered to your doorstep and the registeration will happen right away. With your SIM activated, you can immediatly start enjoying swyp. 
If you don't want to use your credit card online, you can still visit one of Etisalat's outlets and our retail partners and request the SIM. Remember to download the swyp app right after and recharge to enjoy the benefits.
It is all under your control! The cost of the plan is based on the selection of data and minutes allowances and the plan duration. Your plan can cost you as little as AED 7/day. Go ahead and play around with the plan builder to find out what plan suits you! Spend AED 50 or more and get a bunch of awesome gifts. 
Sure is! You can get several swyp SIMs if you wish.
Yes, it is the Etisalat network, which is the largest and fastest 4G LTE network in the country. So, don't worry about having signal for your trip in the desert, or the quality of your streaming video. 4G and LTE coverage and speed from swyp are the best you can get.
Yes, you can choose the number you like whether you order through the app or in a store. If you still want to keep your number, that's possible as well. We will guide you through the migration process.
No, swyp is a prepaid mobile line


How to keeo this in four lines? Let's try: with the swyp app you build your own plan (and be rewarded!), activate your service, check you usage and remaining balance, activate your passion subscriptions, redeem exclusive offer with just a touch through the Youth Hub, shuffle your package every month, week, or even day.. Discover the rest!
The use of the app is free and there is zero impact on your consumption. Only the use of external sources (like maps) is deducted from your data balance.
Oh, that's one of the best parts! Launch the app (yes, everything is in the app!) and go to your usage details page. You'll see how much you've used, how much is left and for how many days, in a beautiful and easy to understand format. No more questions or doubts.
Of course! And you'll get a reward for that, a month free of the bundle social app package with 1GB of Snapchat+Instagram, just as soon as they activate their membership!
It will happen rarely, but that the content you look at, usually a video, might be outside the app you are using. In that case, there may be a small consumption from a different package due to the source of the content.
Oh boy where do we begin! As a member you get nonstop social data to use on your favorite social apps, 1 GB of normal data, 120 flexi minutes to use on your local and international calls, unlimited calls to your favorite swyp buddy, unlimited Wifi across the UAE, plenty of discounts vouchers to use and on top of that, you have access to additional data and voice packs with different allowances and prices. So in summary, we got covered from all aspects to always stay connected.
Swyp Buddy is someone that you can count and who will be there in 1,2,3. Your swyp buddy can be anyone within Etisalat network.
Pretty much all your favorite social apps! You got Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, iMessenger, Google Maps, twitter, Botim, C'Me, HiU, and Linkedln. You get nonstop data; first 3GB at full speed then it throttles at 64Kbps.
When you send AED 50 and more you are eligibile for awesome gifts! When you press "Next" after building your mobile plan, you will get a pop-up with all the gifts for you! After checkout and log-in you can choose and redeem your gifts in "My gifts" section. 
Oh boy where do we begin! Hmm.. to simplify it,the more you spend on swyp, the greater gifts you receive! "1. Spend AED 50 or more and get access to the Youth Hub for a bunch of awesome offers from brand in the UAE and all over the world! 2. Spend AED 75 or more and get access to the Youth Hub and 1 Passion subscription of your choice 3. 3. Spend AED 150 or more and get access to the Youth Hub and 2 Passion subscriptions of your choice 4. Spend AED 300 or more and get access to the Youth Hub and 3 Passion subscriptions of your choice"
Oh that’s easy, one-time is a pack that will be valid for the duration selected only: 1 day, 7 days or 28 days. An auto-renew is a pack that will be automtically renewed for the selected duration: 1 day, 7 days and 28 days. You do not need to reactivate the pack after the duration has passed ;)

Youth Hub

You can get the Youth Hub access for FREE! Just spend AED 50 or more on your mobile plan with a duration of 28 days. Your access will be valid as long as the mobile plan is active. If the plan is auto-renewal, the access will be automatically auto-renewed.
It is an easy 3-step process: 1. Go to My Gifts and select Youth Hub 2. You will receive an SMS with a activation link to complete your profile 3. Go back to your Youth Hub and you can view your virtual card and check out all the amazing deals OR 1. Go to Youth Hub tab and click on "set up your profile" 2. You will receive an SMS with a activation link to complete your profile 3. Go back to your Youth Hub and you can view your virtual card and check out all the amazing deals
Easy! Go to the "Youth Hub" tab on the home screen. Select the offer that you want to redeem, present your virtual card in-store or use the online code if you are shopping online.


You don't have to. It's open and free. We felt there's many of these programs out there but nothing really specific for you. So with the membership you get the perks of being a swyper: access to a world of discounts and benefits in outlets that are part of your life. Each month the list is refreshed.
Easy. Go to your favorite place among dining, entertainment and shopping, show your voucher before paying, enter the code, done. That easy. Enjoy the next one.
On the 1st of each month all vouchers are refreshed. Each voucher has a 30-days validity. It may be there again next month, it may be not. So don't hesitate using it!.


Any package you are subscribed to will still be valid until the expiry and it's a one-time purchase. However, you will not be able to use any of the vouchers neither connect to the wift network. Just ensure there's enough balance before membership expiry so you'll still be enjoying the most out of swyp
Etisalat's recharge card can be used to recharge swyp accounts. So just get one from the thousand outlets where it is available, launch the app, go to recharge, enter the card number and you're done. Or, you can use your credit card.
Sure! Just use the app to send a request any swyp or Etisalat number, and wait for a tip! You can also send a reminder if you've been waiting too long.


Go to plan builder,  1. Select prefered plan duration 2. Swipe right or left to choose the allowance of data 3. Select preferred type of minute and then swipe right or left to choose preferent number of minutes 4. Proceed to checkout
No, you will have complete control and you will be able to buy just before the expiry. We'll let you know when it's time, so you are not caught by surprise.
Sure, buy it as many times as you want. Each will have its own expiry date and you will be able to monitor it in the app.
First come, first expiry. The one you purchased first will be consumed first. Check in the app usage screens the detail of the consumption, to have clear picture of your usage and plan your purchases.
Yeap! Check out all the packages we have in the app along with their subscription details.
It is a bundle of minutes to all national numbers and 105 international destinations you can use, as you like! Check on swyp.ae if the country you wish to call is included!


We trust you will not need much support, but if you do, either on our website or the app, we are available to answer your questions on swyp and any doubt. Just go the support section. We like chatting, just like you.
You can call on 101 and they will assist you further.
Please visit an Etisalat store and ask for your swyp SIM replacement
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